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Knightly Tournament on the 17.06!

Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:19 pm

[center][size=150][size=175]BEHOLD KNIGHTS AND LADIES[/size]

A call has been made to gather the finest men and women of the realm to compete against each other in a tournament. Fight for honor, prestige, money and the heart of your woman/man! 

[b]How to participate?[/b]
Just be there. Beginning is 20:00 GMT +1

[b]What do I have to bring?[/b]
1000 Gold fee
All equipment will be given by the host, so you can arrive naked!
Each participant will recieve a unique banner and a colored outfit. The banner has to be worn on the back at all times, so he can be easily identified on the horse track, melee ground, etc.

[b]How does it work?[/b]
Each discipline will have one grand winner who will recieve an unique item that cannot be bought on the map currently. Furthermore he will recieve a gold nugget.

Horse Race (Marked by siege walls)
Buhurt (Free for all in the arena)
Duels (1 vs 1 in the arena)

Participation - You can keep the banner, you will also recieve a silver nugget
Horse Race - Unique Horse + Gold Nugget
Buhurt - Unique Two Handed Weapon + Gold Nugget
Duels - Unique One Handed Weapon + Gold Nugget[/size]

EDIT: New date for the event is up! It is most likely going to go down on Friday, the 23.06[/center]
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