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[Uthred_Ragnarsson] - [NRR/RDM] - [Lady_Lorena]

Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:25 pm

The content of your post:
Your IG-Name:[/b] Uhtred_Ragnarsson
The person(-s) which you are reporting: Lady_Lorena
What time did that happen(with timezone!): about 18:05- GMT+2:00
What did happen?: After Lady_Lorena, Unknown_Musician and another member of their faction halted me, I killed them all in a fair fight but later(less than 10minutes) Lady_Lorena came back and broke NRR/RDM with hitting me without any reason. That other guy with the name I forgot(sorry but half of his name were Caps) broke NRR too but I spoke with him about it and I don't wanna report him here.

Proof/Evidence: Logs will proof my statements

Would you accept a refund, if so, how much?: She was not able to kill me and I don't need a refund for losing some health. A ban would show her some more respect after she talked like she wouldn't even get any punishment for it.
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Re: [Uthred_Ragnarsson] - [NRR/RDM] - [Lady_Lorena]

Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:06 am

17:46:50 - *LOCAL* [Lady_Lorena] halt uthred 
17:46:58 - *LOCAL* [Lady_Lorena] help
17:47:02 - [Uthred_Ragnarsson] dumb 
17:47:06 - Uthred_Ragnarsson attacked Lady_Lorena with Head Wrapping and dealt 122 damage 
17:47:06 - Lady_Lorena equipped Removed Head 
17:47:06 - Uthred_Ragnarsson <img=ico_spear> Lady_Lorena 

17:52:37 - Uthred_Ragnarsson attacked Lady_Lorena with Headcloth and dealt 25 damage 
17:52:37 - Lady_Lorena equipped Removed Head 
17:52:37 - Uthred_Ragnarsson <img=ico_swordtwo> Lady_Lorena 

17:54:18 - Lady_Lorena attacked a stray horse with Invalid weapon/Self damage and dealt 29 damage 
17:54:20 - [Uthred_Ragnarsson] NRR 
17:54:23 - [Uthred_Ragnarsson] I report 
17:54:24 - Lady_Lorena got attacked by the horse of Uthred_Ragnarsson and got 0 damage 
17:54:25 - Uthred_Ragnarsson attacked Lady_Lorena with Straw Hat and dealt 41 damage 
17:54:28 - Uthred_Ragnarsson attacked Lady_Lorena with Straw Hat and dealt 48 damage 
17:54:28 - Lady_Lorena equipped Removed Head 
17:54:28 - Uthred_Ragnarsson <img=ico_swordtwo> Lady_Lorena 

17:56:24 - Lady_Lorena attacked Uthred_Ragnarsson with Headcloth and dealt 24 damage 
17:56:26 - [Uthred_Ragnarsson] omfg 
17:56:30 - [Uthred_Ragnarsson] report 
17:56:35 - [Lady_Lorena] yes report me 

Indeed, only two minutes had past after she was killed by you.
Lady_Lorena will recieve an official warning concerning NRR. She has no previous bans
Complaint Valid and locked.
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