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Important: Read the rules of Kingdom of Andria!

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We have received € 0 in donations. Our goal is to raise € 90.

General Information
Kronus Gaming is offering several servers and good gaming experience for free. The dedicated machine, the Teamspeak, DDoS-Migration and the website cost us a lot of money. If you want to support us then please donate. Donators gain some special perks which don't influence their "power" or the gameplay at all. Please keep in mind: Donations are not refundable.

Donation Perks
- General Perks: Donator rank on forum and TS / Chance to beta-test servers and scripts first
- PW Perks: each 5€ of your donation will increase your max. bank limit by +250.000 gold and your max. withdraw limit by +350.000 gold.
- other perks coming...

How to gain the perks?
It is easy, just contact Illuminati on the forums, Steam or on Teamspeak to gain your perks.